Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule (as of 7/1/2023) [1]

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Gravesites [2]

Full Size Gravesites

Sections EP3A, WP3A, NP3A & NWP3A                                                                    $1,800

Section NWP4A (opening in 2021)                                                                                  $2,000

Sections NEOC, NWOC, SEOC, SWOC, OROC, NPNC, SPNC & DISN        Sold Out

Veteran/Spouse Section (opening in 2021)[3]                                              $500/$1,000

Incremental Fee of Gravesites in Aisles (requires approval)                                  $400

Urn Sites (URNG Section, facilitates 1 marker and 2 Urn placement)                $800

Baby Gravesites (in designated Baby Section)                                                              $200

Transfer/Exchange of Gravesites (Interment Rights)[4]                             $400-$475

Grave Opening/Closing

Full Interment (weekday)                                                                                                       $1,600

Single/Double Urn Inurnment(weekday)                                                       $1,100/$1,300

 Incremental Fees

Late Grave Closings (o/t after 2:00pm Apr-Nov & 1:30pm Dec-Mar)  Varies

Saturday Interments/Inurnments                                                                                        $200

Sunday Inurnments (Interments not available on Sundays)                                   $550

Winter Interments/Inurnments (ground thawing from Dec–Mar)                       $400

Snow Removal (grave locating, preparation & funeral service)                           Varies

Interments in designated Baby Section (weekday only)                                           $400

Dis-interments / Re-interments                                                                                          Inquire

Monument Foundations [5]

Single Foundation (12” wide x 24” long, includes $100 deposit [6])                    $700

Double Foundation (12” wide x 42” long, includes $100 deposit [6)                   $1,150

Custom Size Foundations ($300/sq ft, plus $100 deposit [6)                               Inquire

Setting/Placement Fee for Veteran VA Bronze Flat Marker                                   $300


[1] Pricing may change without notice.  Pricing in effect at the time payment is made in full will apply.
[2] Illinois law mandates that 15% of cemetery gravesite sales (i.e., $270 for a $1,800 gravesite price) be deposited in a state regulated trust called a “Care Fund”. The principal remains in trust forever and only the annual income generated by the principal may be used to support cemetery operations.
[3] Contact Lakeside Cemetery Association for details and eligibility for burials in the Veteran Section.
[4]  This is an approximate price.  There is a $175 administrative fee, plus a fee of 15% on the current value of the gravesite for deposit into a trust fund.  A credit will be applied for any prior trust fund deposits made for the gravesite being transferred.  Please see the Lakeside Policy on Transfer and Exchange for details.
[5] Foundations installed by Lakeside, or its designated contractor, are required for all memorials, markers and monuments placed within the cemetery.
[6] Foundation fee includes $100 deposit that will be refunded to the monument company after notice of placement is received by Cemetery (via email with photo of monument) and the Cemetery has had the opportunity to inspect the monument placement.