Rules and Regulations

Lakeside Cemetery (“Cemetery”) is owned and operated by the Lakeside Cemetery Association (“Association”), which is a 501(c)(13) not-for-profit corporation.  The Cemetery is private property but open for visitation under the Rules & Regulations established by the Association.  Visitors are reminded that the Cemetery grounds are inherently sacred and visitors should conduct themselves accordingly (please see Cemetery Etiquette).

The Association reserves the right to prohibit entrance, or cancel/postpone any activity within the Cemetery, including interments, if it deems the safety of visitors or the preservation of the grounds may be threatened by weather or any other detrimental conditions.

The Association’s mission is to provide burial grounds for your loved ones that are cared for with dignity.  The Association has the right and duty to maintain Rules & Regulations in support of this mission.  These Rules and Regulations may change without notice.  Please contact the Association or refer to the Association website for the most current listing of the Cemetery Rules and Regulations.


1.        Open Sunrise to Sunset  – The Cemetery is closed while dark.

2.        10 mph Speed Limit  – Please drive very carefully.

3.        Vehicles On Pavement – Vehicles must not be parked on,
or driven over, any grass area.

4.        Accompany Children – Children must be accompanied
by an adult at all times.

5.        No Dogs Allowed – Dogs are Not Permitted in the Cemetery.

6.        Strictly Prohibited – Alcohol, drugs and firearms are prohibited.
– No loitering, camping or game play anywhere on Cemetery grounds.

7.        Notices to Cemetery – The Association must be contacted in
advance to make arrangements for all     Internment/Inurnment plans. Memorial/Monument placements, alterations and/or repairs.

Cemetery Etiquette

A cemetery is a unique place where tranquility and quiet reflection are the norm.  Cemetery etiquette should be observed while you are visiting.

Follow the Rules

Rules & Regulations are posted on the Cemetery website and on the grounds.  Please follow the rules as they are designed to protect visitors and the Cemetery.

Drive with care

Pay attention to visitors in the Cemetery who may not be paying attention to you.  Do not allow the wheels of your car to leave the pavement since there are burials that may not be marked that extend right to the edge of the pavement.  Drive slowly and do not park your car anywhere that blocks a narrow road.

Respect the living

Please keep your distance from any service being performed.  Respect other people’s need for privacy as they mourn their loved ones.

Honor the deceased

Avoid walking directly on graves and do not touch any monument or memorial as this is disrespectful and could cause damage.  Do not touch or remove any items around the graves as they may be sentimental to the family.

Look after children

Keep a close eye on children and don’t permit them to run, yell, play, touch or climb on anything.  They could cause damage or get hurt.  Teach them that the Cemetery is a place to act respectful and with restraint.

Lower your volume

Please speak softly and politely since sound tends to travel in quiet places.  You should turn your phone to silent and avoid taking calls in the Cemetery.  Keep your car radio volume low so it can’t be heard outside by others.

Please don’t litter

There is a private dumpster for Cemetery usage located at the north building. If you see any litter, please pick it up and place it in the dumpster.


Decorations are defined as everything except monuments (that are mounted on a permanent foundation that has been approved by the Cemetery). The Cemetery limits decoration to a single item per grave provided that it conforms to the Rules & Regulations.

  1.  Seasonal Clean-ups – Clean-up of all decorations is done in the spring (around March 1) and fall (around November 1), weather permitting. Please refer to postings on the grounds and the website for notice of clean-up dates. All decorations must be removed prior to the clean-ups. Any decorations that remain will be removed and disposed of during clean-up.
  2.  Flower Beds – Flower Beds are permitted. Flower Beds can only be on the grave side of raised monument with a designated area that extends no more than 18 inches from the monument and not beyond the monument width.
  3.  Potted Plants – Plastic containers up to 12 inches are permitted. Placement of potted plants must be completely within the Flower Bed designated area. Containers that are oversize or made of anything except plastic will be promptly removed. Any withering plants will be removed.
  4.  Artificial Flowers – Artificial flowers are permitted when they are secured within a container within the designated Flower Bed area.
  5.  Other Plantings – Planting of trees, evergreens, bushes, shrubs, hedges or anything thorny is prohibited. They will be removed without notice.
  6.  Decorative Objects – Placement of objects on the ground near monuments, or on grave sites, is not permitted as they pose a danger to the maintenance crew, their equipment and visitors. They will be removed promptly.
  7.  Strictly Prohibited – Candles/lamps/lanterns, any breakable object made of glass/ceramic/pottery, wire/metal items, border/fence (or anything used to define lot/grave/monument perimeter), rock/gravel/stone, benches (not on a Cemetery approved foundation) and mylar balloons.
  8.  Association Discretion – The Association may enter any lot at its discretion, and without notice, to modify or remove any decoration that it deems dangerous, improperly placed, unsightly, withered, not properly cared for or inconsistent with Cemetery Rules and Regulations.
  9.  Risk on Decoration – The Association accepts no responsibility for decoration that are lost, stolen, vandalized, damaged or discarded.

Rights of Interment

    1.  Human Remains – This Cemetery is dedicated to the burial of human remains only.
    2.  Lot & Rights Transfers – Ownership of interment/inurnment rights may not be sold or transferred without written consent of the Association.
    3.  Lots Available – Please call (847) 962-8607 or visit the Cemetery website.


    1.  Notice to Association – Notice of all burial details must be provided to the Association;
      • 48 hours in advance April to October
      • 72 hours in advance November to March
    1.  Burial Rights – No burials may be made on any lot other than that of the owner and their spouse (at the time of death). Any exception requires written consent from the Association.
    2.  Burial Documentation – A burial permit, and a death or cremation certificate, must be provided to the Association in advance of burials.
    3.  Burial Vaults – Burial vaults approved by the Association are required.
    4.  Burial Times – All funeral services must conclude and be vacated by (or additional overtime charges for grave closing will apply);
      • 2:00 pm April to October
      • 1:30 pm November to March
    1.  Inurnments – A maximum of 4 inurnments are permitted in a single adult grave (above a full burial), and assuming that appropriate spacing has been planned in advance.
    2. Scattering Remains – Scattering of cremains is not permitted without prior approval from and supervision by the Association. This may only be allowed in areas approved by the Association.
    3. Burial Payments – Burial will not be permitted without payment in full to the Cemetery of all associated invoices/fees prior to entering grounds.


    1. Notice – The Association must be given prior notification of all memorial, marker or monument placements, repairs or alterations.
    2. Prior Approval – No memorial, marker or monument may be placed on any lot without prior approval from the Association.
    3. Foundations – Memorials, markers and monuments may only be placed on a foundation approved by the Association installed by a Cemetery contractor. Dimensions, weight and design must be provided for approval and to determine foundation specifications. Contact the Association to determine foundation pouring dates (in May, July, September & October).
    4. Single Monument – Only one memorial, marker or monument is allowed on any grave site. There are some areas that are restricted to flat markers only. A second marker (flat only) for a veteran or a second inurnment on a grave may be allowed with Association approval.
    5. Dimensions – Memorials, markers or monuments on single grave can have a maximum footprint of 32”x16”. Those intended to straddle 2 graves can have a maximum footprint of 56” x 16”. Any footprint that exceeds these maximum dimensions must be approved by the Association.
    6. Temporary Markers – Funeral home placed temporary markers will be removed one year after burial. Any memorial, marker or monument that is not installed on a Cemetery approved foundation will be removed.
    7. Payments – No memorial, marker or monument may be placed on lots where any indebtedness to the Cemetery exists.
    8. Association Discretion – The Association may enter any lot at its discretion without notice, to modify or remove any memorial, monument, marker, temporary markers, structure or object that it deems dangerous or has been installed inconsistent with Association Rules & Regulations.
    9. Memorial Maintenance – The Association accepts no responsibility for memorials, monuments or markers that are damaged, vandalized or in need of repair.